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        "An Urgent Call To The True American Majority:   
Rise Up And Be Heard!"

litmus tests for good governance needs to become (a) willingness to collaborate and (b) clear bipartisan instinct.

Our elected leaders must have the
 courage to collaborate.

We can make government more responsible, more responsive, smaller, and better. The Moderate Middle Majority of Americans must rise up and be heard.

The Moderate Middle Majority must lead the way.

Do you share many of these beliefs, too?

What do you think of this platform?

We are Republicans, Democrats, and independents, united together.

We are tired of the antics of the far right, and the far left. They both have it wrong. Both have failed to govern responsibly.

How's the current system working for you? For America?

Want to learn more? Go to our blog,
The Center Is Not The Problem.  

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